Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What would we do without friends...?

Just when I thought I could laugh no more...we laughed some more. Oh my goodness...I went to a card technique class with some friends last night. I think we pee'd our pants laughing before we even left the parking lot to go! And the laughing just continued...As they say, laughter is the best medicine, and it certainly is ! Thanks for medicating me girls!!

Thanks to everyone for thinking of me. It means alot to know that I have friends that care when something like this happens. Thanks for offering and sharing your scrapbooking tools and supplies. (it's becoming a joke for me to say .... "i HAD one of those...." LOL ) I sure hope one way or another this will come to a resolve SOON. Small update--Hamilton police got a call from a farmer complaining somone dumped "garbage" on his property. He went thru the bag which had the things from my purse and work bag I had in the truck, and found my name and contact. He gave the info to the police and also called me but there was just dead air in the message(wierd !). We filled the police in as to what happened, so now they know it was not me that dumped that stuff. The only problem now is that the farmer wont answer his phone so we can clue HIM in !!! sheesh !

LOL... My vet came up with a great suggestion for scaring the kittens away from areas that i dont want them in. She said to use a can of compressed air, like you use on your computer key board. Great idea !! ( i wonder if it will be cheaper if i buy it by the case !!? ) I think my two are in adolescent stages... they dont know what NO means...

I made a really healthy supper.... tuna with all sorts of vegies chopped in it and dill pickles...YUMM!! i put some aside for my lunch tomorrow--im thinking of going and eating it too ! It was really good !! But of course i will end up munching on something that wont be good for me....LOL Im TRYING, I'm TRYING !!

I have the itch to make some cards--of COURSE i do !! I dont have anything to MAKE em with...that's why i have a creative urge .....LOL
Ah, soon it will be resolved !

oh-- update ! i just got off the phone with the Hamilton police--they finally got in touch with the farmer...and told him that i would like whatever it is that was dumped there. So I get to call him tomorrow and make those arrangements. YAY! Its only receipts, resumes, and other papers...but still, it will be nice to just recover ANYTHING...

And on a final note... my chubby little Doh-Doh boy brought me a mousey....and my little devil girl came to lay down beside me .... so i will sign off being all cuddley with my furry babies... and wish you all a great night! and a fabulous tomorrow .... :)

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Janet said...

That sounds like a really yummy dinner. What time should I come over for leftovers?