Saturday, February 06, 2010

Kitten talk.....

OK, i know...i keep talking about these two new babes in my life... But just LOOK at them !! (sheepish grin) It has been 21 years since i have had a kitten in my life. I tell ya, its lots of laughs and lots of clapping hands, chasing out of "no" spots... playing with toys, cleaning up litter that has been shot out everywhere...and watching the angels sleep...LOL !! thank goodness !!
But seriously--there is nothing cuter than 'baby' anything-- and when these guys finally stop and curl up and sleep, there's nothin cuter.... :)
ok, enough of that for now.
i am itching to do some more colouring....
i have a couple orders of a box of a dozen cards each...i think i best start on those, eh?

I went with a couple friends to the Bella store. It was alot of fun ! I had a great day today !! Hope they enjoyed it too.

i cant wait to have a day tomorrow to sit and colour. :) Right now i am going to watch an "old goody" on tv... Cool Runnings LOL its a good movie.
have a colourful weekend everyone !



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