Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sing Hallelujah!!!

OM Goodness !!!!!!! Taxes are done! finally ! Not another word about it....LOL

So how has everyone been? You know what i've been doing...LOL...oops, sorry, i said not another word.
I was away for a week in May--had our week at Deerhurst. Loved it! The weather was not very nice most days, but hey, the view was spectacular and so was the peacefulness. I managed to make 10 cards! Thats pretty good for i made some for a class that i ended up teaching at Younique Counrty Retreat. I also made the cards for the next class, one for a previous supervisor of mine, one for an order, and i made some for special people in my life! It was a great week that went by much to quickly. My friends from Ottawa came down at the beginning of the week until tuesday
which was nice to spend time with them. Lise and i scrapbooked for hours on end!!
Bella and Chevy are growing like weeds...Im afraid to weigh Chevy--it feels like you are picking up a watermelon when you lift him! Boy what does that kitty eat when im not around?! And Bella, well, she watches her girly figure...she is still light as a feather. Wish i had her metabolism !! And no signs that there will be any 'babies' any time soon. Chevy is too shy.......LOL
On a sad note, my parents beloved Schnauzer, Russell(with 2 L' passsed away a week ago. It was rather sudden. He jumped off the bed during the night and wanted to go out for a pee... My dad let him out the sliding door and noticed he was walking funny. When he came in he couldnt jump back on the bed and just fell over--his back end completely paralized. Frantically they waited until the Vets office opened and took him in. They did xrays and nothing was broken-spine nor hip. They took blood to run some tests and had to wait 24 hours for the results. The longest 24 hours i think my parents spent. Unfortunately that did not show much information other than it showed some "unusual" signs in the liver. By then poor Russell was now showing signs of stiffness in his front legs as well. Needless to say, they sent Russell to heaven that afternoon. Life for my parents is just not the same without him. Understandably.... he was their child. He spoke to them--and you think im kidding! Im not! He brought them a toy for different things--when he wanted to play, or eat, or go out---always a different toy. He sure gave them 12 and a half wonderful years. We all miss Russell(with 2 L's as Dad always says...) R.I.P Russell... run and play and frolic.... til we meet again............

We also found out that Neil's son and girlfriend are expecting a baby at the end of September...! Jeff is sooooo excited to be a Daddy... and they found out its a girl-- so Jeff already put Tinkerbell in her room!! Of course starting out with children right away will make life a little more difficult, but he is so excited and focused on being a dad, that its nice to see him this way. And kids are always a blessing. I cant wait!!

I best be off to get ready. Its noon and although i must admit i had a pretty productive morning already, I really should get myself cleaned up and get out and enjoy this glorious day! Hope you all enjoy it!~ Dont forget to pop by Jacquelines blog!! (link in the previous post of mine)

toodles for now~!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hello again!!

Hey!! How is everyone?? Quick update: have the truck back-- feels good to have my baby back! Lol !! There are some bugs still to get worked out. Geez! What on earth did
they do to it? How did they drive it?! I will never
know... But thank goodness the insurance will still cover some if the repairs that are popping up! Great insurance company!! ( state farm btw)
anyhoo-- a friend has a new blog-- check it
out! She is also hosting a blog candy give away!! Very cool!! So here is her blog addy:

stop by and give her some luurv and don't forget to wish her an early happy bday!! :)

And I will try to update more often..
Oh wait-- a quick note-- I am teaching classes at Younique Retreat!! Check it out! :)