Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Here's what i found on a friends blog...I love it !


Be grateful,
be kind,
have patience,
have integrity,
give generously,
live honourably,
live fully,
share your talent,
share your knowledge,
behave courteously,
show tolerance,
show respect,
believe in miracles,
believe in yourself,
do good,
enjoy your blessings.
Pass it on.

As the Truck Wheels turn........

LOL...So here's the latest. The truck has been recovered, as i posted. And now I have to go look at photos of would-be suspects. (im still creeped out I saw him...but anyways...) The only info i have at the moment is that on top of the damage done to gain entry and actually steal the truck, they removed the front passenger seat to get rid of the "OnStar". Cheeky eh? There is other damage, but i dont know to what extent as of yet. All i know is that the contents that i had in there are gone. Who knew the thieves would be so interested in card making and scrapbooking !! Maybe this will be a new trend for them ! LOL... Oh well, nothing i can do but wish them good use of all my stuff~~ c'est la vie!

Today was a busy day at work. I rather like days like that--they sure pass by quicker! And tomorrow is hump day, YAY !!

Hopefully tonight i will actually be able to sleep more than a couple hours at a time. Im exhausted! lol... Bewtween the police telling me to "keep the image of the guy in your mind" (yikes- like i really wanna do that !) and little miss Bella Blue running up and down the bed under the covers and dear Chevy, chasing her ON TOP of the covers...i've not been getting much sleep! I sure hope this truck nonesense is over soon and my "kitties" grow out of this pre-teenager stage FAST. LOL !

Anyone out there watch One Tree Hill ?? Is this the last year for it???? I was really dissappointed when Lucas and Peyton left the show... They havent even been back for a visit !! What's up with that??

I am going to copy something from a friends blog... I really like it !
I hope you do too-- I will show it in the next post.

Hope you all had a terrific day~! Blessings for all good things to come.


Sunday, February 21, 2010

Great news?

So here's the scoop! After the Auto theft Crime Lab called to say they want me to go through photos....i came home to 2 messages. One from the gentleman that found my papers. He contacted the people that took away "the garbage" and found it held at a city yard. The only thing is the police want it for now... AND THEN... ! I also had a message that my truck was found on the Six Nations Reserve. It is somewhat damaged (how much I do not know...) Of course the crime lab wants the truck first to fingerprint it and go over it. There is no sign of any of my scrapbooking stuff though... :( Oh well. I can't wait to get my truck back--i'm a little creeped out that i will soon be sitting in the seat that thief sat in when he tried to run me over !! But it will be nice to have my truck back. YAY !!

I went to Go Scrapping on Friday night for a crop. We had shared great company and good laughs. We also made a beautiful make n take using some cool techniques. Thanks Karen ! (i cant believe i actually made it out of there before midnight !!) Looking forward to cropping with you again soon.
I spent all day Saturday at a crop in Mississauga at Scrapalicious. It was a great time. The food is always great and the girls there are fantastic as well. I always enjoy myself when i go there to crop. We had a surprise visit from Lisa (from Scrapfest). Great to see you again Lisa and to share some laughs!

I best get going for now, as I have to tidy up the house. I just posted the house for sale and we had someone call and want to come have a look. Who knows how promising this interest is, but nonetheless its a start and IRREGARDLESS (inside joke) I have to get the house in order for this showing....

So enjoy this FABULOUS sunshine filled Sunday !! I hope to be able to get out later and enjoy it myself too.

Til later...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What would we do without friends...?

Just when I thought I could laugh no more...we laughed some more. Oh my goodness...I went to a card technique class with some friends last night. I think we pee'd our pants laughing before we even left the parking lot to go! And the laughing just continued...As they say, laughter is the best medicine, and it certainly is ! Thanks for medicating me girls!!

Thanks to everyone for thinking of me. It means alot to know that I have friends that care when something like this happens. Thanks for offering and sharing your scrapbooking tools and supplies. (it's becoming a joke for me to say .... "i HAD one of those...." LOL ) I sure hope one way or another this will come to a resolve SOON. Small update--Hamilton police got a call from a farmer complaining somone dumped "garbage" on his property. He went thru the bag which had the things from my purse and work bag I had in the truck, and found my name and contact. He gave the info to the police and also called me but there was just dead air in the message(wierd !). We filled the police in as to what happened, so now they know it was not me that dumped that stuff. The only problem now is that the farmer wont answer his phone so we can clue HIM in !!! sheesh !

LOL... My vet came up with a great suggestion for scaring the kittens away from areas that i dont want them in. She said to use a can of compressed air, like you use on your computer key board. Great idea !! ( i wonder if it will be cheaper if i buy it by the case !!? ) I think my two are in adolescent stages... they dont know what NO means...

I made a really healthy supper.... tuna with all sorts of vegies chopped in it and dill pickles...YUMM!! i put some aside for my lunch tomorrow--im thinking of going and eating it too ! It was really good !! But of course i will end up munching on something that wont be good for me....LOL Im TRYING, I'm TRYING !!

I have the itch to make some cards--of COURSE i do !! I dont have anything to MAKE em with...that's why i have a creative urge .....LOL
Ah, soon it will be resolved !

oh-- update ! i just got off the phone with the Hamilton police--they finally got in touch with the farmer...and told him that i would like whatever it is that was dumped there. So I get to call him tomorrow and make those arrangements. YAY! Its only receipts, resumes, and other papers...but still, it will be nice to just recover ANYTHING...

And on a final note... my chubby little Doh-Doh boy brought me a mousey....and my little devil girl came to lay down beside me .... so i will sign off being all cuddley with my furry babies... and wish you all a great night! and a fabulous tomorrow .... :)

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Are you ready for this? I went to an Art Supply store with a friend and her husband yesterday...and while in the store, I heard the alarm going off on my truck which was parked practically right out the front doors. I ran out to find a "guy" getting in the front seat and starting it at the same time, all the while the alarm is going off !! He backed out of the spot and almost in to a tree. I ran in front of the truck and was beating on the hood yelling at him and staring him down. (ya, like that was gonna scare him in to getting out and leaving me my truck, right??! -- NOT!) I was holding my ground but he kept revving the engine and making the truck lurch forward a little more each time...so i finally jumped out of the way and he sped out of the parking lot. I don't care about the truck. I care about what was IN the truck. I had just been to a scrapbooking crop the night before and still had all my "stuff" in the very back of the truck. I lost alot of supplies, but even more than that--I had my favourite cards that i have made in there. I also had the first 5 months of a calendar that i was making in there. I treasure these things. I enjoy making the cards so much and appreciate the time that went in to making them. The few faves usually come with me to inspire me. It is THOSE things that are gone and cannot get back that bother me the most. The police figure my truck is already on the reserve and torn apart. It doesn't pay to have a nice vehicle or take care of the one you have... And I bet some kid is having a hay-day with all my stuff...well, I hope they enjoy making all kinds of arts and crafts with it. All I can say is that it's sad that someone has such low self esteem of themselves that this is the profession they choose. What ever happened to making an HONEST living ?? I hope some day that the people responsible for changing my life forever will too have their lives changed....only for the better.
Happy Valentine's Day Everyone.........

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

First visit to the Vet....

I know i am going on about these two little babes...but bear with me. It's been 21 years since i have had a kitten and i am enjoying every minute. I think Neil is too. He has never had a "baby" pet before, so this is new to him and he is loving all their crazy antics.
So... the other day we went to the Vets for the last booster shot and first Rabies shot. While our dear Bonnie was checking them out, i was asking about breeding them since they are not related-- and i found out that Bella Blue is a Blue-Cream Tortie point. And as we continued the discussion of breeding, Bonnie was checking out Chevy--if you know what i mean. And then she chuckled and told me i didnt have to worry about keeping him away from Bella until about the 10 month mark...this after just telling me that she could go in to heat at any time after 5 months of age ! I was perplexed so i asked what she meant--- LOL...it seems my little man is just that-- "little"... LOL..LOL The poor little dude may not have enough "stuff" to get her pregnant until he matures... LOL... I tried not to laugh so as not to hurt his feelings. But the joke around the house is that he is now the "little man". Poor Chevy.....
The good news is that if we DO happen to mate them, they will most likely have cute kids as Bonnie said they are both well tempered kitties and nice features on each of them. Needless to say i beamed as the proud Mama.

On another note-- i went for some blood work today, and gave up my seat for a Mennonite couple that had no where to sit together as the waiting room was full, and by me giving up my seat, it made 2 available for them. So i was glad to do it. After i had my blood tests done, i had to go for a special Xray up on Erb Street-- a ways away from where i had the blood work done. So there i sat in the waiting room at this office...and guess who walked in?! The SAME couple !! I guess you had to be there... but it was pretty funny at the time-- what are the odds?

Anyhoo-- didnt get around to making any cards tonight-- i wish i had, but it was a rather slack evening.
Hope everyone enjoys their days tomorrow-- i hope your work day goes fast and that you have at least one belly laugh! (its good for the soul, ya know :) )


Saturday, February 06, 2010

Kitten talk.....

OK, i know...i keep talking about these two new babes in my life... But just LOOK at them !! (sheepish grin) It has been 21 years since i have had a kitten in my life. I tell ya, its lots of laughs and lots of clapping hands, chasing out of "no" spots... playing with toys, cleaning up litter that has been shot out everywhere...and watching the angels sleep...LOL !! thank goodness !!
But seriously--there is nothing cuter than 'baby' anything-- and when these guys finally stop and curl up and sleep, there's nothin cuter.... :)
ok, enough of that for now.
i am itching to do some more colouring....
i have a couple orders of a box of a dozen cards each...i think i best start on those, eh?

I went with a couple friends to the Bella store. It was alot of fun ! I had a great day today !! Hope they enjoyed it too.

i cant wait to have a day tomorrow to sit and colour. :) Right now i am going to watch an "old goody" on tv... Cool Runnings LOL its a good movie.
have a colourful weekend everyone !



Wednesday, February 03, 2010

FREE to good home........

ok, maybe not... but man it was a close call ! LOL Little miss Bella Blue is starting to rule the roost. Or so she thinks. But in her wake she leaves remnants of her cyclone! She races from one end of the main floor to the other with her lead bottom brother in tow. Tonight she has managed to jump over the baracade we had at the stairs. (this to ensure her safety of not getting in to trouble upstairs) Jokes on us ! She ran around up there, came flying down the stairs....ran around the kitchen, and unbeknownst to me, gracefully and quietly jumped up on the island .... UNTIL she almost wiped out the fruit stand and the candle sticks.... O-M-G !!!

and then all she has to do is curl up on my lap with her brother, and they melt my heart all over again......I just KNOW they were meant to be mine !!
so, NO Jeannie, you cant have em.......LOL... but you CAN come over to see them any time you want !! (and bags must be checked at the door thank you very much :) )

On another note... I made a card for a co-worker that is leaving us on friday. She has transferred to another office in Walkerton. (ya, i asked 'why' too......lol.)
anyhoo-- the card turned out pretty cute--i will post it here once i download off my phone. I stamped 15 people on the front to represent all of us. Even a pregnant girl for Steph ! and a young girl with a cell phone in her hand for Jas (she is phone obsessed!)... we all had a good chuckle picking out everyone. I hope she likes it.

I am going to settle on the couch and finish watching Criminal Minds, one of my fave shows.
It was a great day and hope tomorrow is the same !
Happy trails everyone.
cheers !

Monday, February 01, 2010

Meet Chevy and Bella

a few samples of cards....

a few more cards that i have made recently... they were requests from a collegue of mine--i have a couple more to make for him.

Cards made at the retreat this past weekend

This is one of the cards i made at the retreat this past weekend.. i borrowed a Stampin Bella stamp. I think this stamp is just adorable !! i must get it.

When do they stop?! LOL

Ok, so i love my little furry children to bits-- but it's been 21years since i have had a kitten, and needless to say they are quite the workout !! They have just discovered they can jump up on things. Bella could do this since last week, but our little lead bottome Chevy is a newbie at it. But now they can jump up on the couch and beyond. Chevy seems to like the glass coffee table. He lays on it (until mummy gets up and chases him off) and he watches his sister playing underneath.
They also have found some fascination for the glass end tables. OY ! Im exhausted....lol... maybe this will be an alternative exercise program ! LOL
well, it's time to relax on the couch with my 'kids'....
Hope y'all had a great day!
Maybe tomorrow i will manage to make another card...