Tuesday, February 23, 2010

As the Truck Wheels turn........

LOL...So here's the latest. The truck has been recovered, as i posted. And now I have to go look at photos of would-be suspects. (im still creeped out I saw him...but anyways...) The only info i have at the moment is that on top of the damage done to gain entry and actually steal the truck, they removed the front passenger seat to get rid of the "OnStar". Cheeky eh? There is other damage, but i dont know to what extent as of yet. All i know is that the contents that i had in there are gone. Who knew the thieves would be so interested in card making and scrapbooking !! Maybe this will be a new trend for them ! LOL... Oh well, nothing i can do but wish them good use of all my stuff~~ c'est la vie!

Today was a busy day at work. I rather like days like that--they sure pass by quicker! And tomorrow is hump day, YAY !!

Hopefully tonight i will actually be able to sleep more than a couple hours at a time. Im exhausted! lol... Bewtween the police telling me to "keep the image of the guy in your mind" (yikes- like i really wanna do that !) and little miss Bella Blue running up and down the bed under the covers and dear Chevy, chasing her ON TOP of the covers...i've not been getting much sleep! I sure hope this truck nonesense is over soon and my "kitties" grow out of this pre-teenager stage FAST. LOL !

Anyone out there watch One Tree Hill ?? Is this the last year for it???? I was really dissappointed when Lucas and Peyton left the show... They havent even been back for a visit !! What's up with that??

I am going to copy something from a friends blog... I really like it !
I hope you do too-- I will show it in the next post.

Hope you all had a terrific day~! Blessings for all good things to come.



Janet said...

You are a good woman to wish them well with your stuff. Personally, I hope they get huge ink splotches on all their stamped images, and that the tape runner ends in the middle of an important project!

monica said...

LOL... ok...i admit--I hope that they break a tip on a Copic marker and the ink gushes out like a dye thingy on other stolen stuff...and that its the fucshia pink all over their face !