Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Houston..! We have a tote!!!!!!

Yeeeehaaaawwww !!! Perserverence DOES pay off! I called around and then called around some more until i found a store in Thornhill that had a tote left identical to the one i had stolen. Thanks Lori for suggesting i call the Toronto area, it worked!! I was so excited when the clerk was describing the one they had to me over the phone---and the more she spoke, the more it sounded identical to mine! YAY! I wasted no time--We went that night right after work. AND.......even managed to find another one in a different part of Toronto for Janet--now THAT i call LUCKY!! yay for us !!
So of course I have started to replace my stuff that was stolen. It sure adds up fast! I have replaced most of the tools...quite a few stamps...but not all yet. I have yet to replace a trimmer, all my ribbon, the paper that was taken,and a few odds and ends. That is just the scrapbooking stuff. There is still a car charger for my phone and Blue tooth...garage door opener, purse... I'm glad to have my truck back, well, sort of. It feels wierd sometimes when i think of the person that sat behind the wheel trying to run me down. But then it feels good to be driving a familiar vehicle, and a truck that i enjoy driving too....
Karma will get those that stole my truck-- somehow, someway Karma will manifest itself in their lives and make them pay for what they did. I know this to be true.
So!! Scrapfest is just a couple weeks away. I am really looking forward to it ! A friend i havent seen in AGES is coming... It will be nice to see her again. I should probably hold off on buying too much more...there might be some deals to be had at Scrapfest!
I think i best head off to bed. I have to get up earlier tomorrow to take my truck to the dealership to have it checked out for a vibration... I really dont like having to get up early in the morning...lol...ugh! oh well, it must be done.
I hope i get a chance to sit and make some cards this long weekend.I have some ideas for cards and i best get them started or the idea will fly right out of my wee brain. lol..
Off to bed i go!
Sleep well all.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

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This is a card i made for one of Neil's good friends. It reads: "youth is not a number"..."it's an attitude". He got a kick out of it :)
I have a few more to make..I plan on making card sets for gifts--geez, if it takes me any longer to make just one card, i wont have these set done until the turn of the century ~~ ! LOL

So just how hard can it be to find a scrapbooking tote??????

Seems this tote of mine that was stolen along with the truck, is next to impossible to find!!! I'm afraid it is being discontinued...I cannot find it anywhere!! I have emailed the manufacturer 3x! and not one response. Well tomorrow they are going to get the wrath of frustrated Moni. If the darn thing is discontinued--then i will suggest that they remove it from being used in the 'header' of their website! Thats just not fair. Boy, i sure hope i manage to find it SOMEWHERE. I have checked several US stores on line... even EBay. NOTHING. I cant even find one that compares. I do not want a tote with all the elastic loops inside--those are the most useless things ever! This one was nice--it was lined with velcro closed pockets in the outside compartments. **sigh**... i miss my tote..... :)
Ok, enough of the sad story of my tote.
I made a couple cards--one was for Neil's friend's birthday and the other for my sister's bday. And since i am such a boob when it comes to computer things...it looks like my pictures are in a post of their own... LOL
Thanks for stopping by!
have a cheery day--
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This is a card i made for my sister's bday. She is a Yoga instructor :) The card reads: "ommmm"...My gosh it's your birthday! Corny, but cute :)
I hope she likes it!

Monday, March 22, 2010

A great ending to what an INSANE Monday!

Holy Dina!! I think today was just as busy as the Friday of March break!! it was nuts! we were full from the time we opened up until 4pm..then we finally started to see the crowd dissipate. Jolly and I did not get out of there until 5:45pm (we normally close at 5 and get out around 5:10) The day certainly went by lickidy-split I tell ya!
It never fails though, on the day you are in a bit of a rush, you dont get out of work on time... but it all worked out. I was to meet my family at a restaurant in Kitchener to enjoy a dinner of fish and chips. ( i was only a little bit late) My Mom, Dad, oldest sister, her eldest daughter and fiance, her youngest daughter and her boyfriend, one of my other sister's daughter and Neil even managed to make it to the Whale and Ale in Kitchener. We enjoyed the food, the company and had some laughs. My Dad may be 76, but still is a little mischievious boy inside. You're a stinker Dad! LOL I really enjoyed our supper too--the food was fabulous!
oh my word........BElla !!!!! Chevy !!!! GET OFF THE TABLE !!!!! (brb.......)sheesh...LOL...
I had put some scrapbook items in a store's garage sale this past Saturday. I didnt do too badly :) I will be able to use the gift certificate amount to help replace some of my items that were stolen. Some of my friends put items in there too-- I hope they did really well!
It might be time to go get the two little stinkers and head off to bed. I am nodding off !(good thing computers dont have ears...lol...i think i may have snored a time or two as well! )
ok, enjoy your day... im off to bed !!


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Lazy Sunday....

So now that it's 9pm and i am about to watch the Proposal again...I am feeling guilty for having a lazy Sunday! LOL..I have NO idea why I was up so early today, but i was...(awake at 7 and finally got up at 730am after going to bed at 2am!) So before i knew it Neil got up around 1030am. I let him sleep in as Sunday is truly his only day of rest. And before long after we had our Sunday morning coffee together, it was time to go meet Dianne. After which i returned home an hour later to change back in to comfies and spent the entire afternoon on the computer. In between dozing i posted some stamps i have for sale on Kijiji. So i'm not kidding when i say it was a lazy Sunday. I really should have cleaned the house...but that's over rated anyways isnt it? (lol, glad my Mom doesnt read this!)
As i am typing this out and waiting for the Proposal to start at 930, i am watching the tail end of a STUPID movie ~ good heavens!! how on earth do these movies ever get made?!!!! The guy from "Knocked Up" played in it and from i could tell played a Mall cop. DUMB DUMB DUMB !!! Who thinks of these stupid plots, and then who is mindless enough to pay for it to be made?? It's painful to sit and watch them.
Ok, now i am realizing even more that it is 930pm on a Sunday and i don't wanna go to work tomorrow!! i dont wanna--i dont wanna--i dont wanna!
Ok, the Proposal is starting momentarily. So im going to sign off. I thought i had taken pictures of some recent cards i made to post on here...guess i was dreaming. So as soon as i take the pics, i will share them on here. :)
thanks for stopping by!
Have a Cheery Monday!


Monday, March 15, 2010

I think i will go stark raving mad before this kitten grows out of puberty~~!!!

HOLY SMOKES DINA!! I know they say you always have a 'child' that is much like yourself...but what do they say about pets in regards to that??!! BRB! NOW SHE'S ON THE KITCHEN TABLE AND IN MY PURSE!!! AAARRRGGGG!!!!....oh my word! I'm losing my mind......LOL Although Bella is very cuddly...AND smart--she is wearing me out. The stinker knows exactly where she is NOT suppose to go, and yet does it and then just ducks her head when you try to scold her, but she wont move! If i got up 15x in less than one hour to chase her from behind the TV,i would not be over exagerating. She has mischief pulsing through her veins! Oy-yoy-yoy!! And she never stops! i found this cool sight that calculates your cats age into human years--brb...table again~!! Apparently they are around 20yrs old in human years...if that were true, should they not be a little more ...omg! island now--- hang on...she thought curling up in a ball beside the paper towel stand would make her invisible! ya right!!...ok, so where was i...oh ya, you would think that at 20 they would be a little less 'adventurous' and a little more 'in to themselves' by now.. Im thinking her brother is actually the smart one. At least he goes to bed and stays there--oh crap here we go again ! (she honestly thinks the paper towel roll is hiding her out of my sight, lol...)
ok, i best make this fast so i can take miss tazmanian devil to bed !
I just thought i would post since i hadnt in awhile. Still no truck. They are working on it. Good news is that almost the entire thing is going to be re-painted!(all but the roof) We are waiting for a replacement seat from the U.S.. I will sure be glad to get out of this little wee car i have been driving around. The right side of my head has a permanent goose egg from where i smack it several times a day getting in to the car! Im surprised i have not smashed my glasses that are always on my head (ok, so now i just jinxed myself on that one..)
But really, on a positive note. SPRING IS IN THE AIR!!!
We saw a Robin today...and other little birds that are already looking at the old nests left in trees and poking at them.
Work is absolutely retardly busy! Im beginning to think i should try to book holidays during march break, just so i dont have to be there during this mayhem!ohlord...here we go again ~! brb.....table this time.
A friend texted me a msg the other day ...and 'signed' it with a nickname.."fruit".. but i mistakenly thought it was a guy from work that is gay (he is openly gay and we kid back and forth about it--he has a terrific sense of humor, hence why i thought it was him that would sign off that way...) so i text back, is this "***" ? Of course it wasnt him, and when she answered me who it was, then the nickname clicked and i was laughing so hard i could barely see straight! omg! did we laugh. ok, so maybe i really should be a blond...LOL... anyways, it sure made my day and gave me something to laugh about. :) thanks for the giggle!!
uh-oh...all is quiet. That makes me nervous. I really should go to bed, but this daylight stuff has me messed up. I didnt get to bed til somewhere around 1am on Sunday, and it's going on midnight tonight. I think i better head off soon.
Well, that's a small update in my life. What's going on in your slice of the world??
Have a cheery day!!

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Oh Happy Day........

I know it's been awhile since i last posted.... I've been a little busy making a list for the insurance of all the contents that were stolen along with the truck. (what a daunting task!) It's also that time of year...TAXES ! UGH...LOL. I'm almost finished--i am hoping to do that by this weekend and get it e-filed. I really should get a move on it since i am getting a refund don't-chya think?!
Is everyone as excited as I am that Spring is around the corner???!!! Oh man, am i looking forward to sunshine and flowers and hearing the birds sing ! Even thought we were terribly spoiled with such a mild winter I cant help but think of the warm days ahead.
This will be a rather short post--im trying to stroke items off my "to do" list this evening.... :)

Hope everyone enjoys their evening.
Cheers !