Tuesday, February 09, 2010

First visit to the Vet....

I know i am going on about these two little babes...but bear with me. It's been 21 years since i have had a kitten and i am enjoying every minute. I think Neil is too. He has never had a "baby" pet before, so this is new to him and he is loving all their crazy antics.
So... the other day we went to the Vets for the last booster shot and first Rabies shot. While our dear Bonnie was checking them out, i was asking about breeding them since they are not related-- and i found out that Bella Blue is a Blue-Cream Tortie point. And as we continued the discussion of breeding, Bonnie was checking out Chevy--if you know what i mean. And then she chuckled and told me i didnt have to worry about keeping him away from Bella until about the 10 month mark...this after just telling me that she could go in to heat at any time after 5 months of age ! I was perplexed so i asked what she meant--- LOL...it seems my little man is just that-- "little"... LOL..LOL The poor little dude may not have enough "stuff" to get her pregnant until he matures... LOL... I tried not to laugh so as not to hurt his feelings. But the joke around the house is that he is now the "little man". Poor Chevy.....
The good news is that if we DO happen to mate them, they will most likely have cute kids as Bonnie said they are both well tempered kitties and nice features on each of them. Needless to say i beamed as the proud Mama.

On another note-- i went for some blood work today, and gave up my seat for a Mennonite couple that had no where to sit together as the waiting room was full, and by me giving up my seat, it made 2 available for them. So i was glad to do it. After i had my blood tests done, i had to go for a special Xray up on Erb Street-- a ways away from where i had the blood work done. So there i sat in the waiting room at this office...and guess who walked in?! The SAME couple !! I guess you had to be there... but it was pretty funny at the time-- what are the odds?

Anyhoo-- didnt get around to making any cards tonight-- i wish i had, but it was a rather slack evening.
Hope everyone enjoys their days tomorrow-- i hope your work day goes fast and that you have at least one belly laugh! (its good for the soul, ya know :) )


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