Wednesday, February 03, 2010

FREE to good home........

ok, maybe not... but man it was a close call ! LOL Little miss Bella Blue is starting to rule the roost. Or so she thinks. But in her wake she leaves remnants of her cyclone! She races from one end of the main floor to the other with her lead bottom brother in tow. Tonight she has managed to jump over the baracade we had at the stairs. (this to ensure her safety of not getting in to trouble upstairs) Jokes on us ! She ran around up there, came flying down the stairs....ran around the kitchen, and unbeknownst to me, gracefully and quietly jumped up on the island .... UNTIL she almost wiped out the fruit stand and the candle sticks.... O-M-G !!!

and then all she has to do is curl up on my lap with her brother, and they melt my heart all over again......I just KNOW they were meant to be mine !!
so, NO Jeannie, you cant have em.......LOL... but you CAN come over to see them any time you want !! (and bags must be checked at the door thank you very much :) )

On another note... I made a card for a co-worker that is leaving us on friday. She has transferred to another office in Walkerton. (ya, i asked 'why'
anyhoo-- the card turned out pretty cute--i will post it here once i download off my phone. I stamped 15 people on the front to represent all of us. Even a pregnant girl for Steph ! and a young girl with a cell phone in her hand for Jas (she is phone obsessed!)... we all had a good chuckle picking out everyone. I hope she likes it.

I am going to settle on the couch and finish watching Criminal Minds, one of my fave shows.
It was a great day and hope tomorrow is the same !
Happy trails everyone.
cheers !

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Jeannie said...

FYI ~ I have secret compartments in my bags. j