Sunday, February 21, 2010

Great news?

So here's the scoop! After the Auto theft Crime Lab called to say they want me to go through photos....i came home to 2 messages. One from the gentleman that found my papers. He contacted the people that took away "the garbage" and found it held at a city yard. The only thing is the police want it for now... AND THEN... ! I also had a message that my truck was found on the Six Nations Reserve. It is somewhat damaged (how much I do not know...) Of course the crime lab wants the truck first to fingerprint it and go over it. There is no sign of any of my scrapbooking stuff though... :( Oh well. I can't wait to get my truck back--i'm a little creeped out that i will soon be sitting in the seat that thief sat in when he tried to run me over !! But it will be nice to have my truck back. YAY !!

I went to Go Scrapping on Friday night for a crop. We had shared great company and good laughs. We also made a beautiful make n take using some cool techniques. Thanks Karen ! (i cant believe i actually made it out of there before midnight !!) Looking forward to cropping with you again soon.
I spent all day Saturday at a crop in Mississauga at Scrapalicious. It was a great time. The food is always great and the girls there are fantastic as well. I always enjoy myself when i go there to crop. We had a surprise visit from Lisa (from Scrapfest). Great to see you again Lisa and to share some laughs!

I best get going for now, as I have to tidy up the house. I just posted the house for sale and we had someone call and want to come have a look. Who knows how promising this interest is, but nonetheless its a start and IRREGARDLESS (inside joke) I have to get the house in order for this showing....

So enjoy this FABULOUS sunshine filled Sunday !! I hope to be able to get out later and enjoy it myself too.

Til later...

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Janet said...

Do you have your truck back yet? Also, feel free to copy that posting to your blog. I didn't know there was a lot of interest in scrapbooking on the Reserve!