Sunday, March 21, 2010

Lazy Sunday....

So now that it's 9pm and i am about to watch the Proposal again...I am feeling guilty for having a lazy Sunday! LOL..I have NO idea why I was up so early today, but i was...(awake at 7 and finally got up at 730am after going to bed at 2am!) So before i knew it Neil got up around 1030am. I let him sleep in as Sunday is truly his only day of rest. And before long after we had our Sunday morning coffee together, it was time to go meet Dianne. After which i returned home an hour later to change back in to comfies and spent the entire afternoon on the computer. In between dozing i posted some stamps i have for sale on Kijiji. So i'm not kidding when i say it was a lazy Sunday. I really should have cleaned the house...but that's over rated anyways isnt it? (lol, glad my Mom doesnt read this!)
As i am typing this out and waiting for the Proposal to start at 930, i am watching the tail end of a STUPID movie ~ good heavens!! how on earth do these movies ever get made?!!!! The guy from "Knocked Up" played in it and from i could tell played a Mall cop. DUMB DUMB DUMB !!! Who thinks of these stupid plots, and then who is mindless enough to pay for it to be made?? It's painful to sit and watch them.
Ok, now i am realizing even more that it is 930pm on a Sunday and i don't wanna go to work tomorrow!! i dont wanna--i dont wanna--i dont wanna!
Ok, the Proposal is starting momentarily. So im going to sign off. I thought i had taken pictures of some recent cards i made to post on here...guess i was dreaming. So as soon as i take the pics, i will share them on here. :)
thanks for stopping by!
Have a Cheery Monday!


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Janet said...

Lazy, moochy Sundays are my absolute best. I also have piles of cleaning but decided it could wait. We may never get these lazy days back you know!