Tuesday, March 23, 2010

So just how hard can it be to find a scrapbooking tote??????

Seems this tote of mine that was stolen along with the truck, is next to impossible to find!!! I'm afraid it is being discontinued...I cannot find it anywhere!! I have emailed the manufacturer 3x! and not one response. Well tomorrow they are going to get the wrath of frustrated Moni. If the darn thing is discontinued--then i will suggest that they remove it from being used in the 'header' of their website! Thats just not fair. Boy, i sure hope i manage to find it SOMEWHERE. I have checked several US stores on line... even EBay. NOTHING. I cant even find one that compares. I do not want a tote with all the elastic loops inside--those are the most useless things ever! This one was nice--it was lined with velcro closed pockets in the outside compartments. **sigh**... i miss my tote..... :)
Ok, enough of the sad story of my tote.
I made a couple cards--one was for Neil's friend's birthday and the other for my sister's bday. And since i am such a boob when it comes to computer things...it looks like my pictures are in a post of their own... LOL
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