Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Houston..! We have a tote!!!!!!

Yeeeehaaaawwww !!! Perserverence DOES pay off! I called around and then called around some more until i found a store in Thornhill that had a tote left identical to the one i had stolen. Thanks Lori for suggesting i call the Toronto area, it worked!! I was so excited when the clerk was describing the one they had to me over the phone---and the more she spoke, the more it sounded identical to mine! YAY! I wasted no time--We went that night right after work. AND.......even managed to find another one in a different part of Toronto for Janet--now THAT i call LUCKY!! yay for us !!
So of course I have started to replace my stuff that was stolen. It sure adds up fast! I have replaced most of the tools...quite a few stamps...but not all yet. I have yet to replace a trimmer, all my ribbon, the paper that was taken,and a few odds and ends. That is just the scrapbooking stuff. There is still a car charger for my phone and Blue tooth...garage door opener, purse... I'm glad to have my truck back, well, sort of. It feels wierd sometimes when i think of the person that sat behind the wheel trying to run me down. But then it feels good to be driving a familiar vehicle, and a truck that i enjoy driving too....
Karma will get those that stole my truck-- somehow, someway Karma will manifest itself in their lives and make them pay for what they did. I know this to be true.
So!! Scrapfest is just a couple weeks away. I am really looking forward to it ! A friend i havent seen in AGES is coming... It will be nice to see her again. I should probably hold off on buying too much more...there might be some deals to be had at Scrapfest!
I think i best head off to bed. I have to get up earlier tomorrow to take my truck to the dealership to have it checked out for a vibration... I really dont like having to get up early in the morning...lol...ugh! oh well, it must be done.
I hope i get a chance to sit and make some cards this long weekend.I have some ideas for cards and i best get them started or the idea will fly right out of my wee brain. lol..
Off to bed i go!
Sleep well all.

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