Sunday, April 18, 2010

Recovering from Scrapfest

whew! I survived another scrapfest !!! I cant believe it's come and gone--I could turn around and do it all over again... I love hanging with friends doing what i love to do. My only complaint for the weekend is that it was FREEZING in there !! OY vey!! It didnt help that i fogot a jacket the first night. I was sure not to make that mistake for the second day.
Karen had some great games for people to play, we had Canada's largest make n take ! And there were great prizes given out~ they would have been nicer had i actually won one of them, but i suppose there is always next year! LOL
Once i remember how to load pics up to this i will show you the two cards i made. Yea, yea, i know--i was shocked i actually got TWO done as well !! LMBO !! well, and half of another one too i suppose. hee hee. now i donwt want to part with either of them. ;)
A couple friends of mine went to Memories Manor this weekend. It would have been nice to have them at Scrapfest, but im sure they had a wonderful time in Michigan. I cant wait to hear all about their weekend. I wonder how many cards/layouts they got done??
Good heavens, its only 830pm and im yawning already. Must be a sign of too much fun at Scrapfest. Hope you are ok Sandie! (Sandie went to sit down and the welding broke on the chair and the leg gave way...and she went down!! Im glad she didnt get hurt--it could have been so much worse!) HOpe you had fun Sandie !! How's your copic colouring coming along? Have we created another copaholic? :)
hope everyone enjoyed themselves!!


Anonymous said...

I'm thinking you need to update your blog :-)
How you doin'? j

Anonymous said...

Hi there ... you need to update your blog. Where are you???? j

monica said...

You're right!! I do need to update!!