Monday, March 22, 2010

A great ending to what an INSANE Monday!

Holy Dina!! I think today was just as busy as the Friday of March break!! it was nuts! we were full from the time we opened up until 4pm..then we finally started to see the crowd dissipate. Jolly and I did not get out of there until 5:45pm (we normally close at 5 and get out around 5:10) The day certainly went by lickidy-split I tell ya!
It never fails though, on the day you are in a bit of a rush, you dont get out of work on time... but it all worked out. I was to meet my family at a restaurant in Kitchener to enjoy a dinner of fish and chips. ( i was only a little bit late) My Mom, Dad, oldest sister, her eldest daughter and fiance, her youngest daughter and her boyfriend, one of my other sister's daughter and Neil even managed to make it to the Whale and Ale in Kitchener. We enjoyed the food, the company and had some laughs. My Dad may be 76, but still is a little mischievious boy inside. You're a stinker Dad! LOL I really enjoyed our supper too--the food was fabulous!
oh my word........BElla !!!!! Chevy !!!! GET OFF THE TABLE !!!!! (brb.......)sheesh...LOL...
I had put some scrapbook items in a store's garage sale this past Saturday. I didnt do too badly :) I will be able to use the gift certificate amount to help replace some of my items that were stolen. Some of my friends put items in there too-- I hope they did really well!
It might be time to go get the two little stinkers and head off to bed. I am nodding off !(good thing computers dont have think i may have snored a time or two as well! )
ok, enjoy your day... im off to bed !!



Janet said...

I could help you find things to spend your gift certificate on!

monica said...

lol...i might just hold you to that ! -- oh wait-- did you mean for me? or for you ?! LOL... ;0